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Amazon Alexa Vs Apple Home Pod

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In today’s time when everything is becoming smart, it’s the time to make our home smart. There are various devices present in the market that makes your home experience full of surprises. In the present time, you can easily find devices that are capable of controlling most of your home appliances with just a touch of your mobile or even better, with just your voice.

There is a battle going on in the market about which device will become the household name when it comes to the perfect home assistant. The two major contenders of this battle are the Amazon Alexa and the Apple Home pod. Amazon Alexa is available on Amazon website or app. You can also avail discount on Alexa by using Amazon Coupons.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon has, since its beginning, been a brand totally associated with e-commerce. It is considered to be the most trusted and most widely used e-commerce website in the world. Facts state that it comes in the list of world’s top three e-commerce websites. The variety of products that are available on Amazon are just immense and the list keeps on growing.

Alexa is amazon’s virtual assistant that is incorporated in its entire speaker range of Echo. Alexa is the amazon’s AI that is incorporated in the Amazon Echo Spot and provides a wide set of functionalities to it. With set of sills like uber, news and music, there is a lot that this speaker can do.

Alexa was made to control the speaker but it turned out to be far more useful than that

  • With Amazon Alexa you can play song of your choice by just saying the name of it.
  • Amazon Alexa allows you to book cabs by just selecting your time slot and destination. It prompts for confirmation before confirming your booking.
  • Amazon Echo also comes with the option of display that allows you to maximize the multimedia experience.
  • It can also read news, tell weather forecast and tell you answer all your questions.
  • You can make calls by using voice assistant and the voice recognition is really great.
  • The best thing about Alexa is that it learns with time. It notices your preferences and then provides you with recommendations depending on your choice.

The design of the Amazon Echo have a sturdier look and provides you a more elegant look and feel.

The range of Amazon Echo speakers start at RS. $62 and is available over Amazon for Grabs.

Apple Homepod

It is extremely difficult to find someone who hasn’t heard of one of the biggest company in the world, Apple. Whatever Apple does, it makes sure that it is up to perfection. The Apple Homepod was launched in the first quarter of this year and it was the favorite of everyone. Firstly the name of Apple was the reason for its popularity and secondly its design and features made it into a huge thing. The sound quality of this speaker is better than every home speaker available there.

The many features of the Apple Homepod are:

  • Various Apple Homepod speakers can be scattered around the home and they can be connected together for playing music through Apple music.This provides a great experience.
  • A 4-inch woofer is placed on the top of the speaker.
  • There are in all 7 tweeters placed all around the body of Apple Homepod
  • The sound quality of the Apple Homepod is better than every home speaker available in the market and provides with a great experience to the ears.
  • It can also be connected to your iPhone to attend calls
  • Apple Homepod can play music through Apple music and third-party apps like Spotify and Pandora.

The price of Google Home is $349 and is available over the website of Apple.

What’s better in Apple Homepod

  • The design of Apple Homepod is more suited for homes and gives a home-ly feeling.
  • The sound quality of the Apple Homepod is much better than that of Amazon Echo

What’s better in Amazon Alexa

  • One of the biggest advantage that Amazon Alexa has is that it was launched before Apple Home so it trapped the market better
  • The features that Amazon Echo provides is great and are better integrated
  • It also has an option for display and it looks great.
  • It is way cheaper than Apple’s Homepod.
  • You can make calls through voice control.
  • Amazon is also offering flat 20% off on Alexa for Amazon Prime members. To avail the 10% discount, use Amazon Promo code.

To sum up, you won’t really regret any one of these and totally ends up on personal preference.

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