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The Beginner’s Guide for Facebook Pixel

by Soft2share.com

In Jan 2018, when Mark Zuckerberg announces about Facebook new algorithm update it struck as a fear to all the marketers in the world. He announced that the social media giant new update will now focus more on the User Experience by giving them the opportunities to engage more with their family, friends, and colleagues (Facebook Primary Objective) and less with the companies, brands advertisements etc.

Now being the marketer I am not the only person who finds Facebook advertising confusing. But still, our clients and companies see much better and faster results when they utilize and increase their Facebook advertising budget. All the features of the platform make it the very powerful advertising assistance and have always offered the best social advertising tools, like the Facebook Pixel. That is one of the things that confuse many marketers around the world.

According to Rankfrog, an SEO Company in Bhopal, Pixels is one of the Top 5 advertising platform used in USA. They are used to drop a cookie that can help to keep track of the visitors on your website so that you advertise them later. The Facebook pixel is powerful because it helps you to analyze how successful your Facebook advertising campaigns are and helps you to increase your customer base and retarget the existing ones. Once you advertise to your past visitors, the Facebook pixel can also be used to track their behavior when they are back on your website. So, for a successful advertising campaign, we strongly recommend taking advantage of it. Read on to learn more about what exactly Facebook pixel is, its attributes, its advantages and how you can create one for yourself today.

What is Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook Pixel is an analytical tool that is consist of a code that you can use in to measure the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising. By installing that code in your website, it helps you get more insight into your user behavior and to track every visitor’s interactions with your website and advertisement. This data further assist you to retarget those users with Facebook ads in the future and to send targeted messages to them who already know your brand. This further benefit you to track the effectiveness of your paid social media advertising.

How to create a Facebook pixel and add it to your website?

Creating a Facebook pixel is as easy as creating a Facebook account. Now when you know the importance of Facebook pixel and you want to track your targeted customers, it’s time to create your pixel and put it on your website.

Step 1. Create Your Pixel

For creating your pixel go to your Facebook ads manager and click the hamburger icon and choose to create a pixel option. From the setup box, you can select the name for your pixel and then click next.

Step 2. Add the pixel code to your Website

To get the pixel to work getting information from your website, you now need to install some code on your web pages. There are two ways to do this. We’ll use the copy-and-paste method here. The other option is to use an integration or tag manager.

  1.    Click copy and paste the code
  2.    Click and paste the pixel code to the header code of your website. 

Step 3. Confirm that your Facebook Pixel has started working

Before you start thinking that your Facebook Pixel has started working you should confirm that it’s working properly.

  1. Download the Facebook Pixel Helper extension in your Browser.
  2. Visit the page where you have installed the Facebook pixel. If the extension will locate the pixel it will tell you through a popup and if it’s not working it will provide you with an error report, so that you can make the necessary corrections.

To Conclude – 

Social media is an amazing thing. It can give you tons of traffic and business leads when handled professionally. Seek the help of a professional agency like Rankfrog to get facebook pixel done for you.

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