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Catering Styles for your Reception

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Before you begin planning the catering for your wedding, you would like to understand your wedding theme and venue. After you’ve selected those two, discuss your reception style together with your wife-to-be. Regardless of which one you select, confirm you understand all the catering options, like myMandap, is taken into account because the catering company is considered as the best caterer in Kolkata, available before making a choice.

Types of Reception:

These days, you do not need to be stuck with just one choice of reception style. Whether you’re planning a chic and traditional wedding or a small, intimate gathering together with your friends, there is a suitable catering arrangement for you. Take a glance at some reception styles below to make a decision on one that suits the marriage of your dreams.

Dinner with Seating

Considered as one of the traditional styles, a dinner with seating arrangements usually has groups of 10 guests seated at a table, with each guest being served three courses or more.

This type is for couples who want a chic, neat, and traditional reception. And therefore the number of guests varies, as this will be adapted for an intimate or a grand wedding. However, the items that you simply have to consider is the size of your venue and your budget, as a plated dinner requires more staff to organize, plate, and serve each dish.

The pros of a seated dinner are that it gives longer for guests to mingle and get familiar with one another. Albeit your party starts late, your guests won’t really notice. As you recognize the precise number of guests, you’ll easily determine your budget and therefore the quantity of food you would like to organize, so you will have less garbage. This sort of arrangement also gives a chic and fancy vibe not offered in other dining styles.

However, the cons are that you simply got to pay close attention to the table setting, including attractive pieces within the center and all the stationery you would possibly need. To not be forgotten maybe a seating chart that ensures everyone will enjoy each other’s company. This style is particularly suitable for an adults-only wedding, but if you select to invite children, you ought to provide a child-friendly menu also. Keep in mind that the service fee is often costlier as every dish has got to be plated and served carefully.


A variety of dishes served on long-sided tables, sometimes in the middle, with seats available for the guests.

This arrangement is essential for couples who want to supply a far better sort of food and beverages. And therefore the number of guests who are suitable for giant parties counts to 100 guests and above. Plus, the items that you simply should consider is the shelf life of the buffet, wait staff, floor planning, and quantity of food.

The pros of the buffet are that as you’ll serve more sorts of food, your guests won’t feel forced to eat something they do not like. Thus, it’s easier to satisfy the requirements of vegetarians, people who eat fish but won’t touch meat, and picky eaters while also giving more options for other such types. The service cost is often lower, as unlike in seated arrangements, you will only need a couple of wait staff to serve many guests.

But, the cons are that it can often become a messy sight with guests swarming the food stalls and disturbing the flow. The food can get cold quickly, and it’d be hard to balance the number of food with the quantity of dinnerware. As there is no limitation on how many times a guest can have an equivalent food, popular dishes can run out, disappointing many guests, while less popular food is often left mostly untouched.

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