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Review of Moborobo the best Device Manager for Android

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Moborobo is turning out to be the best ever Device Manager for Android Devices. Most of the Android users have already started using it and the feedback is quite impressive. New Android users must be aware of this useful application. This is the best and the most needed application for those, who want their Android device and Personal Computer/desktop in sync.  This allows you to backup all your contacts, messages, files, videos and applications. It provides a File Manager, through which editing, uploading and removing files, apps, setting up the ringtone and installing various wall papers made very simple. There are lots of such features. Are you curious of knowing them all? Then, here we go!

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Free and Easy to install:

First and the important thing is, it does not cost you a penny and is easy to use. All you need to do is install the Moborobo in your desktop and Android Device. Just open up the software in desktop and you are supposed to connect your device to desktop using USB or through WIFI. If you want to connect through WIFI, both device and PC need to be under the same WIFI network, but connecting through USB is recommended. If you have not used USB in connecting android device to desktop ever before, then drivers start getting installed. Later when drivers get installed, interface comes up very quickly. Once PC gets connected to the android device, it takes few minutes to get in sync with your device to read it. Then you will be shown the Home Section which is the first of many sections available.

Availability of Tabs:

On the top, you will be shown tabs including Home, Data, Apps, Music, Images, Videos and Themes. We will know about each and every one in detail. Under the section of Home tab, your device is seen on the left side. The screen which you are viewing on your device right now will be shown on the desktop. If you are changing the screens on your device, Moborobo will be refreshing it on your desktop. Most interesting features here are, you can take the screenshot of your connected device and can also view the device in full screen.

Moborobo shows the graphical view of both internal and SD card storage of your device. It allows you to toggle between internal and SD card and accordingly it shows the storage allocated to music, apps, videos and more. It also shows how much free space is left allowing you to install apps, upload files and videos. In order to access all folders of your device, just click on the File Manager button. This gets opened up and all folders are shown in the sorted order.



File Manager is the master of Home tab:

File Manager is very easy to understand and to navigate through it. It is similar to Windows Explorer in Windows Operating System. Moborobo allows you to upload, delete and even create folders and files very easily. You can even move files from desktop to android device and vice-versa. All of these can be done with just few clicks and drags right from the desktop, where most of us are very comfortable with.

Backup and Restore your data:

In the Home tab itself, Moborobo shows you the SD Card, contacts and its count, all sort of messages, all kinds of music files, videos and more on the left side. Click on one of the album and songs in it will be shown. It also allows you to search in all files. The best feature in Moborobo under the Home tab is backup/restore to save the required data on the desktop, which can be restored when required. This would be much helpful when something bad happens with the android device. Other android apps provide you the backup facility, but by moving the data to SD card or to the cloud. Using the cloud service is not free at all times, but this can be done for free using Moborobo and the saved data will be secured as it your desktop used to back up the data.

MoboRobo allows you to back up only selected items. You can select necessary documents, applications and videos. Game progress can also be saved and restore it back on other android device. Once you are done with selecting the items which you want to be backed up, click on Backup. Default location used for back up is Documents/Moborobo/Backups and can be changed as you need. Each back up will get the new name along with the date and time when you have performed the backup operation.

As we have backed up all data of our requirement, then there should be an option to restore it, when and where required. MoboRobo provides you that option to restore the saved data. Press on the Backup/restore button and all the backups are shown as a list. Just select the required backup from the list and click Restore. If you are an iPhone user before and were new to Android, then you can connect your iPhone and simply export all the contacts. Later connect your android device to the desktop and import the contacts. This can be done with the help of MoboRobo.

Manage your Contacts, Messages and Calls:

Now, coming to Data tab, it shows you Contacts Manager, Message Manager and Call Logs. Contact Manager will let you know the count of all contacts and recent calls. Just click on them and you will see the full list. MoboRobo allows you to edit, delete, backup/restore and add a new contact in an easy way. SMS Manager shows all your messages of your android device and allows you to create a new message, reply to the received message and delete messages in bulk. Call Logs section shows you the complete list of missed calls, received calls and outgoing calls. Click on any one of the category and the respective list will be shown on the interface

Do everything with Apps:

Under Apps tab, you can see the list of all installed applications of your android device. MoboRobo allows you to install and uninstall apps easily. In order to view the details of any app, just select it and details are shown on the right side panel. It shows the required permissions of selected app. From the available Web Resources, search for an app and get it installed from your desktop to your android device.

              Make best use of Multimedia Information:

In the Music tab list of all music files of your android device are shown on the desktop. MoboRobo provides you the way to drag and drop music files available in your desktop to device and vice-versa. It also allows setting up a particular music as the ringtone. Just select the song you want and click on “Apply as Ringtone” and a new ringtone will be set to your android device.

Next is the Images tab which allows you to navigate through all images and wallpapers that you have on your device. MoboRobo allows you to right click on any image and edit it. You can also set any image as a wall paper. Searching for wall papers is also available and gets them downloaded to your device through Wall Paper Center under Web resources.

              Videos tab is same as the Music tab. In this, you will see the list of videos of your device. You can drag and drop video(s) from your device to desktop and vice-versa. You can also get the information related to type and size of the video file. Playing the video right there is also allowed by MoboRobo.

             Install new and attractive themes with few clicks:

Last but not the least is Themes tab. It allows you to search and install various themes on your device using Web Resources. But, to make this work, you need to install Mobo Launcher on your device. Once you are done with it, you can play around by applying attractive themes.


Over all MoboRobo is the best Device Manager for Android Devices, which allows accessing and syncing your android device with the desktop. It provides you the best UI interface which makes it easy to use with simple navigation. It is much needed application for Android device and mostly to the one who is a newbie to Android.

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