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The A to Z of Growing your Online Blog

by Soft2share.com

AI, avocado toast, and TikTok – while these are some of the most popular buzzwords of the years following 2020, there have been some more traditional elements making a comeback. And top among these are online blogs.

Gardening, cooking, skincare – you name and you’re sure to find a blog – or five – on it! And if you’re someone that’s involved in the blogging space, then you’re sure to know just how competitive the circle can be, and how growing your blog among so many others can be nothing less than a challenge. 

From growing your subscriber list to churning out consistent – and engaging – content, there’s a lot that goes into making a blog grow, thrive, and live – but the end result is well worth it. And in 2022, the process is only getting tougher!

Here’s how you can make your blog stand out in 2022:

  1. Post about your Blog on Social Media

Whether you’re running a blog on Medium, WordPress, or Tumblr, there’s only a limited audience that you can get from these sites themselves. Instead, the best way to grow your blog is to expand onto other platforms, and there’s none quite as good as social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – whatever tickles your fancy, although the former two are good starting points – simply select a platform and advertise your blog to its users. 

You can choose to promote your blog on your personal Instagram or Facebook account or set up dedicated profiles for your blog. Either way, it’s all about the content that you post! Start by summarizing your blog posts into carousels that you can put up on social media – for the design element, you can turn to PosterMyWall and make use of their social media post templates to create attractive carousels and static posts. 

And since the platform is extremely user-friendly, you can easily get involved without any prior experience. And the best part – it’s all for free! Just be sure to include highlights from your blog post and convey them with a mix of text and visuals for maximum impact. And of course, don’t forget to redirect followers to your blog site with a link in your Instagram bio!

  1. Bring out the Video Content

Speaking of social media, there’s another form of content that performs great on the platform: video content. From reels to behind-the-scenes clips to informational videos, video content is among the highest-trending on channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. And summarizing your blog content to present it in the form of a video can do wonders for your engagement and following numbers. 

Simply head to PosterMyWall’s custom slideshow maker, pop in a summarized version of your blog post – you can even make it come to life by adding animations and audio – and put it up on your social media channels once ready! Not only is PosterMyWall perfect for a beginner, but the quality of videos you’ll be able to create will really help you grow your blog audience. And that too, for free! 

  1. Have Other People Speak about it!

Tooting your own horn is great – everyone should do it! – but having someone else do it is just as wonderful, especially if that someone else is renowned in their field. Depending on the type of blog you’re running, you can reach out to influencers or experts in the field and ask them to advertise your blog on their social media pages – think Instagram stories and posts as some of your go-to options. 

For instance, if you’re running a cooking blog you could have a chef or food influencer feature your blog, or if your blog is about fashion, you could have a lifestyle influencer talk about it. Remember, the more relevant your blog is to the influencer’s own content, the more their followers will relate to it, helping your conversion numbers shoot! 

  1. Invest in Paid Ads

Organic marketing tactics are great, but sometimes a little money needs to be involved, and that’s where paid ads come in. Using Facebook and Instagram Ads, or even Google Ads is an effective way to get your blog up and off the ground and make its subscriber numbers skyrocket. 

Start by selecting a platform – you can choose to begin with one or take up multiple at a time – and design an ad graphic that is attractive to the viewer while conveying important information. For starters, the ad graphic should encapsulate what your blog is about and why exactly someone should explore it. Once you’ve done that, then it’s time to add a description to your ad and choose your target demographics – and then it’s time for the ad to do its work! And before you know it, you’ll have higher ad conversions than ever before and a whole list of people to welcome to your blog.

  1. Jazz Up your Blog Header

Once you’ve actually managed to get people to visit your blog, it’s all about keeping them there – and having them come back! And one of the best ways to do so – other than by churning out amazing content, of course – is by adding in a customized, attention-grabbing, and on-point blog header with every new post. 

And don’t even worry about the design – PosterMyWall has got you covered with their blog header templates! Simply pick out a design you like, customize it to match your blog post, and put it up on your website. For visitors who like to do some peeking around, there’ll be lots to catch their attention so you can add them to your permanent list of blog subscribers, helping your 2022 goal of growing your blog come true! 

So, if you’re looking to make your blog stand out in 2022, then easy-to-follow tips and tricks are the way to go. Just remember to change the details and specifics to match your blog, and soon, you’ll have more subscribers than ever before!

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