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The Benefits Of Pardon In Canada

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If you are found guilty of a crime and come to have a criminal record, the topic of record suspension or Pardons Canada is an important one for you in Canada. Here is what you must know about the benefits of pardon in Canada.

What is a pardon?
When you are convicted for a crime in Canada, your criminal records are computerized and maintained with the Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). This file is called as a criminal record. Your criminal record is stored along with the records of other people who have been convicted of crimes. The employers, social organizations or any other entities seeing information about criminal convictions can gain access to your criminal records. Hence a criminal record can affect your decent chances for employment, promotions, travels and social work.

Also called as record suspension, a pardon will lead to separating your criminal record from the other records. If a pardon is granted, your criminal record will not be accessible by any agency. Only in rare situations your criminal record can be revoked with the permission of the Ministry of Public Safety.

All applications for pardons must be forwarded to the Parole Board Of Canada.
In case you were discharged after July 1992 or if you had been given a youth sentence, your criminal record will stand cancelled automatically and it will not be available with the RCMP. In these cases, you need not worry about record suspension.

What happens once you get a pardon?
A criminal conviction in Canada makes you found guilty of a crime. Hence if you are asked for some reason if you had been convicted, you must answer ‘Yes’ to the question. However, you can confidently say the pardon granted to you had suspended your criminal record as you had proved your good behavior and respect for law.

A pardon can significantly minimize the impact of what it means to having a criminal record in Canada. Especially this is important when it comes to job. A criminal record suspension will never guarantee that you can travel to other countries without any problems.

What records are kept by the RCMP other than criminal records?
When there is a criminal conviction, there are multiple records maintained in different locations. For example, the police and the court will have the files regarding the information about people convicted with a crime. When the criminal record is suspended after a pardon is granted, the Parole Board of Canada will forward the information to the police and court. This will make these agencies make the records inaccessible to the public view.

Moving with your pardons application process
Applying for pardon in Canada is a tricky job. Though every individual has the right to apply for pardon on his or her own, this process needs an expert knowledge and the awareness of the right procedure. The accomplished agencies routing the pardons application to the concerned authorities are well experienced in this procedure and they can provide you a complete assistance right from filling out the form, preparing the necessary documents and complying with the application process.

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