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Top 5 Things you need to keep in mind while Designing a Website

by Soft2share.com

Are you planning to create a new website or Plan to redesign a website? If yes, you are probably would like to know what to keep in mind before getting into the process.  With so many different things to incorporate it’s no wonder many website struggles putting together the right stuff.


Designing a website that meets your goal isn’t easy. It is a process that requires deliberate planning and intelligent approach to market you’re going after. To get started, here are few points you need to take into consideration when you are putting together a website with your developer.


Security of the website is really important. You need to make sure the website doesn’t leak the information like user data, their email address, phone numbers etc. These days there are many viruses & Trojans can play havoc with computers and websites if proper security procedures are not put into place. If your website gets hacked then it can leave negative reputation which can overall damage popularity and search rankings. Always use trusted security programs to make a sure website it safe and secure.


Websites that are easy to use and navigate are more likely to use to the visitor with ease. Website usability can be increased by displaying information on the website in clear and concise manner. Make sure website has all the functionality to a customer would need to be accessible easily.

Clarity of Purpose

Focus on the website’s messaging. When a visitor lands on a web page you have less than 10 seconds to capture his attention. The user tends to go away in seconds if web design doesn’t focus on a delivering a clear message. Website Design’s first objective is to satisfy the need of the website visitor. Visual impression along with the clear message and call to action can be blended rightly to serve the purpose.

Mobile First Approach

Due to huge growth in mobile tech large part of website visitor code from the mobile device.  Small businesses and startups cannot afford to lose the mobile traffic. Mobile is all set to eclipse the desktop usage in next couple of years, this will mean there will be a lot of mobile users accessing your website. You must ensure that your website renders effectively from the small devices.  This is the main reason why a website needs to be designed responsively to ensure that they make optimum use of a device’s screen, irrespective of its screen size.

SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a must for any website. You need to make sure Website URL, Meta titles, meta tags, the meta description is in place before you launch new website design. You site must be easy to read, have good navigation, and load quickly. SEO take multiple factors into the consideration. If you take care of little things, you will have SEO friendly website.

Learn & Iterate

You can install Google Analytics script to analyze the user behavior. If you want to see how your user is interacting HOTJAR within the website where you can record the screen. After analyzing the data you can improve on existing design of the website. You have to repeat this process until you are satisfied with the performance of the website design.

Call to Action

Placing a call to action buttons motivates your website visitor to contact you.  If they’re just discovering your brand then you could place subscribe button to capture the email address of website visitor. If already have a loyal customer base you can encourage them to participate in the loyalty program. Regardless of what you’re asking visitors to do on your site, it’s great to include a call to action on every page of the website.

Testing your Website

While creating your website it’s important to know whether any error or bug is still remaining or if URL is throwing 404 error. Different website testing tools such as DebugMe is a great way of finding bugs within your system during the development process.  Tools such as this will help decrease downtime and fix any issue before your website visitor finds them and report to you.

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