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Eliminate Hazardous Waste With Laboratory Fume Hoods

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Laboratory fume hoods are also known as exhaust hoods that maybe ducted or ductless. They are used in the industrial manufacturing areas to remove the hazardous and toxic fumes, vapors and dust. The air gets drawn from the lab environment to the fume hood and then it gets dispersed into the atmosphere. There are two kinds of laboratory fume hoodwhich are ductless and ducted. The ductless fume hoods help in the ventilation of the room and remove the chemical fumes with the help of activated charcoal filters and release good air into the room. The inbuilt HEPA/ULPA filters help t provide a clean and dust-free environment. Other than this, the ducted fume hoods have their ventilation system outside and provide the best protection of the individuals from chemically dangerous fumes. The hoods are available in a wide range of materials so as to meet all the requirements of the workers and the area in which it is to be installed. The laboratory fume hood helps to maintain chemical resistance, static control, and cleanliness.

Laboratories have different kinds of work that need to be performed. It involves the use of various harmful material and toxic gases and chemicals which can be injurious to the respiratory system of the individual. It can lead to several problems and chronic breathing difficulties so as a part of worker protection that is employed for the workers working in the laboratory 24/7, the use of exhausts is a must. These exhausts are termed as fume hood and as the name suggests these hoods help the toxic substances and particulate matter to escape and fresh air to circulate in the laboratory. The use of filters like HEPA filters in the exhausts removes 99.99% of the dirt, dust and other particulate toxins and the release of fresh air inside is done. These products are however sold in various shapes and sizes and are named accordingly.

  1. Portable And Ductless Fume Hoods 

The filtered fume hoods contain carbon and HEPA filters that help to remove the hazardous waste matters and remove all the vapors and particles from the laboratory. There is no installation cost or ductwork that is required. Moreover, the ductless containment hoods are made available in 24’’,32’’,48’’,60’’,72’’ and 96’’ width. These can also be used for removal of chemical fumes, dust, and other harmful particulate matter, pharmaceutical powder handling, solvent or acid vapor control.

  • High Clearance Ducted Fume Hoods 

These high clearance ducted fume hoods are available from 18’’ to 72’’ width which also includes spill and chemical tray and polypropylene work surface. These are the factors essential for the applications that require exterior ducting for exhaust and also need full visibility of the fume hood interior. The fume hoods can be ordered easily with up to two optional fan modules whose airspeed can also be adjusted. The ducted fume hoods are an ideal model for soldering and chemical processing. They help in the removal of bio-hazardous fumes.

  • Polypropylene Ducted Fume Hoods

These have a durable and chemical resistant material that is designed for the applications that require an exterior ducting for the purpose of the exhaust. These chemical fume hoods come without bottoms and can also be placed over the standard size worktables. A permanent work surface can also be added upon the request. Moreover, these can also be equipped with a fan module.

  • Stainless Steel Ducted Fume Hoods

The stainless steel ducted hoods usually have good resistance to many chemicals and they are excessively resistant to moisture and heat. Moreover, they can be decontaminated and cleaned easily. These hoods come with or without an exhaust blower unit. However, the primary functions of this hood are to provide protection against the toxic fumes and vapors.

  • Containment Ventilated Enclosures

The CVE hoods are also termed as HEPA filtered exhaust hoods or the powder containment hoods and they can be used to protect the user from various harmful particles while weighing, mixing, preparing, compounding and administering the hazardous powders. This is very beneficial for the laboratory work units as this helps to trap the particulate matter and keeps the environment inside the units super clean.

Best Laboratory Hoods

The hoods have been constructed from the polypropylene material that features a removable stainless steel work surface. The work surface is resistant to rust and other environmental damage. The hoods are available in various shapes and sizes and can be bought as per the demand of the laboratory. These are easy to handle and have an easy installation also. Being chemically resistant and inbuilt filters like HEPA/UFPA they are the best that can be used. In case the laboratory decides to buy the hoods, these are the best with the latest features.

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